6th GamestSym

6th International Wildlife & Game Management Symposium, will be organized 13-16.06.2018. at Sofia, Bulgaria. The symposium will be hosted by University of Forestry, Faculty of Forestry Department of Wildlife Management.  It will be an opportunity to hear new research results related to the Game management, Wildlife biology, ecology and conservation and Game genetics.

Hope that you will take part in 6th GamestSym. 
All information are available at symposium page


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On behalf of the Wildlife and Game Management Scientific Society, (GAMEST) we are pleased to open a call for Graduate, Master and PhD students for five annual fees to become an active members of the “GAMEST” Society.


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  • New regular issue of BJWR for 2017. Dear colleagues, we present you the second regular issue (volume 4 issue 1) of the Balkan Journal of Wildlife Research. Although a great effort has been put by authors, editorial board and reviewers, on behalf of editorial board and me personally I must apologize for postponing the publishing of this issue, caused by technical obstacles. Never the less, I hope that you will enjoy reading original articles in this issue and that new information and ideas presented here will contribute to your further research. We are grateful to all authors for contributions and patience during the publishing process. We hope that our aim to establish recognized journal is fostered by new issue and we are looking forward to further contributions ...
    Posted Jun 28, 2017, 10:59 AM by D. B.
  • Balkan wildlife faces extinction threat from border fence to control migrants In the article by Arthur Neslen , published in The Guardian,  You can read about  Controversial razor-wire fence put up by Slovenia along its border with Croatia could wipe out local bear, lynx and wolf populations, say researchers.The death toll of animals killed by a razor wire fence designed to stop migrants crossing into Europe is mounting, amid warnings that bears, lynx and wolves could become locally extinct if the barrier is completed and consolidated.The rising tally of dead roe and red deer is still mercifully small, but contested by local people who claim that it is being systematically under-counted.Slovenia began erecting the barrier across 180km of its river border with Croatia last winter, as a ...
    Posted Apr 5, 2017, 2:31 AM by Huntsymposium2018 Bulgaria - Sofia
  • New issue of selected papers presented during the 4th HUNSYM in Slovenia Dear colleagues, I am pleased to announce that we published the Special Issue to volume 3 presents selected papers presented during the 4th International Hunting and Game Management Symposium, held in November 2015 in Velenje, Slovenia. We are grateful to the Institute ERICo Velenje, Environmental Protection College and all organizers of the symposium for hosting and providing great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among colleagues. The main topics during the Symposium were: game management – challenges and perspectives, biology and ecology of wildlife; game genetics; diseases of game and health care; game nutrition; conservation of wildlife. Editorial Team is grateful to all participants who contributed their work to this Special Issue and also reviewers, who assured the quality of papers ...
    Posted Aug 27, 2016, 5:00 AM by Gamest SciSoc
  • 28th International fair for hunting and fishing, adventure, nature & travel This year the 28th International fair for hunting and fishing, adventure, nature & travel (Die Hohe Jadg & Fischerei) was held in period from 25th to 28th February in Salzburg, Austria. It gathered around 560 exhibitioners and more than 43.000 visitors from all over the Europe. For the first time the State enterprise “Srbijašume” from Serbia participated at this event as an exhibitioner, in order to present the national hunting potentials. SE “Srbijašume” was not the only exhibitioner from Serbia, since the SE “Vojvodinašume” also participated the fair. Besides Serbian representatives, exhibitioners came from all over the world, including the region of Eastern Europe: Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia and Poland.   During these 4 days the visitors had ...
    Posted Mar 27, 2016, 3:38 AM by D. B.
  • First found (Herpestes auropunctatus) in the region of Eastern Herzegovina In this interesting short communication of Prof Dr Duško Ćirović, you can read spreading of small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) along Adriatic coast is well described in recent literature. However, data about its presence and spreading in mainland of Bosnia and Herzegovina are scarce. In this paper new records about distribution of small Indian mongoose in the region of Eastern Herzegovina are presented. This region is characteristic as the species was introduced few decades ago. These records confirm extension of this species’ range towards south-east along Trebišnjicariver. Excluding valley of Neretva river were species was already recorded recently small Indian mongose is present in whole area of Popovo polje. Total distribution area of the small Indian mongoose in ...
    Posted Feb 23, 2016, 2:36 AM by D. B.
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