G-BiKE COST Action Working Group 2 Meeting, 21st – 22nd November 2019, Vrdnik, Serbia

“Tools for monitoring genetic diversity” organized by GAMEST

Dr Nevena Veličković (President of GAMEST) and Milomir Sefanović on behalf of Wildlife and Game Management Scientific Society and Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad were organizing G-BiKE COST Action Working Group 2 “Monitoring of genetic diversity” 1st meeting in period 20th to 22nd November in National Park “Fruška Gora” in Serbia. In total, 29 participants from 23 countries were participated to this event. There were two very intensive and lively days where G-BiKErs were reviewing the current available data of genetic monitoring, discussing what does an ideal monitoring program look like and if currently we have any examples of it.

Participants were also working in different groups, reviewing available data per geographical regions, synthesising the results, and working on the ideal monitoring activity and how the current results map on to this. On the second day of the meeting, participants were reviewing current monitoring indicators and discussing about needs for new one. One of the important outcomes of the meeting is workshop that will be organized in March 2020, that will be meta-analyses on thousands of paper dealing with change in genetic diversity.

This event attracted Serbian journalists and Serbian National Television crew came for filming TV show about G-BiKE Cost Action. Eleven G-BiKErs from different countries and with different scientific backgrounds were giving interviews for TV.

You can see how it was on meeting in Serbia: